Monday, December 13, 2010

Mini Ice Age beginning?

I don't normally post these kinds of things on my blog, but I think this is important. If it is a false alarm, there is no harm done. But if this is true, you need to take action now and store up several months supply of food quickly as it will become scarce very soon. The Gulf Stream Thermo Hyaline conveyor, which brings warm ocean currents to Scotland, the British Isles and Northern Europe, has apparently stopped.

This means that the winters in that part of the world will be severe and may even interfere with crop planting in the spring. No one knows at this time how long it will take for the Gulf Stream conveyor to recover, but it may take years. There are hundreds of feet of oil under the surface in the gulf of Mexico due to the Oil spill disaster and the use of dispersants which only hide it. This has apparently stopped the Gulf loop of the thermo hyaline conveyor which brings warm waters to northern Europe and makes the winters mild.

Satellite data shows that the conveyor current has stopped in the middle of the Atlantic well before it gets to the British Isles. This will mean  a severe winter for that part of the world. If I am wrong about food production being in short supply, one can always eat their stores. But if I am right.... food will be hard to come by.

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  1. shalom Brick - the video is no longer available so you may want to remove this link Cath