Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good Week

We started this week off good by attending a presentation by Rico Cortez in Kerrville, Tx last Sunday night. He spoke on the Temple Service and the Daily Sacrifices. I obtained a 5 DVD set by the same title and it is really good and informative. How many of us really know about the Temple Service? It really is something we all should study and learn about. When I learn a bit more about it, I will comment on it. Some of the things Rico talked about were really fascinating.

I also took the time to go to Houston for a few days to visit my daughter and grand kids. So, I didn't have much time to prepare any little gems of wisdom to post here. Here are a couple of pics of a grizzled old coot with his grand kids.

While I was in Houston, we took the grand kids and went to the Museum of Natural History there and took in the fossil exhibits. I think I am about as old as the fossils :0)

Out for now...

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