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Hidden Meanings in Genesis 1:1

Gen 1:1 In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth.

Gen 1:1 Bereshith bara Elohim et HaShamayim v'et HaArets. (Heb.)

The first letter in the first word "Bereshith" is an enlarged Bet. When you see an enlarged letter in Torah, it is telling you to pay special attention to it as there is something of significance here.

"Bet" (equiv. to our letter B) prefixed to a word means "in, by, with, or while." In the case above, it means "in". However, the letter "Bet" is spelled Bet yod tav.  In the ancient Hebrew pictographic alef-bet (alphabet), the "bet" means house, tent, abode or dwelling. The "yod" denotes work or a deed and the "tav" is the sign of the covenant. I think it is telling us why the earth was created. It was created as the house of the covenant or for YHWH's chosen people, Israel.

The "bet" also represents the number 2. There were 2 present at creation, the Father and the Son. A "bet" is made up of 3 "vav's". The "vav" represents a "nail" and in turn, the "pierced Messiah". The enlarged Bet is placed before the word "Reshith (beginning)." The "pierced one" was "before" the beginning of creation. This shows that Yahshua, the Messiah pre-existed in the beginning.

Other Hebrew roots in "reshith" is Resh-Alef-Sin which means to begin, animate, beginning motion, being first, create, become visible, animate, grow and develop, to move violently with fire. Sounds like a fiery creation.

The second word "bara" is Bet-resh-alef which means to "fatten" or "fill".  The earth was not created out of nothing. The word 'create' is an abstract thought and is not common to Hebrew.
 In this verse, bara would be translated "he created or he filled" and the subject of the verb would be Elohim.

The root of the word "bara" is 'bar' or corn, kernel - the seed of beginning. Adding an 'alef' (A) to the end makes it "bara". Ancient Hebrew word pictures show that it means "beginning of the family." Alef, the Father is the strong one of the house (bet). Father in Hebrew is Ab (alef bet). He is the one who started a family and created a place for them to live.
Bar in Pictographich Hebrew is Bet-resh, a pictograph of a tent floor plan (bet) and a mans head (resh). The meaning is the house or family of heads. This is also the word for "grain or barley", a head with a family of seeds.

The combined letters Bet and Resh form the word "bar" or "ben" when used in the possessive, meaning "son". Thus the word "bara" in the pictographic Hebrew shows that it was the "Son of Alef" who did the creating. This agrees with John 1:1. A suggested breakdown of the roots of the word Bereshith follows:

BAR (Son)
BARA (Make)
RESH (Head)
RESHITH (Beginning)

The next word we will look at in Gen. 1:1 is "ELOHIM". It is a generic term that means "mighty ones" or powers. It is plural while all the verbs following are singular. I believe this is because the Father and the Son are so completely a compound unity (Echad) that they are viewed as one. We are told in scripture that Yahshua was the creator in John 1:1-3. The Father was the architect or designer and the Son did the actual work of the creation.

The 4th and 6th words in Gen. 1:1 are "ET" or Alef-Tav. The alef tav is a pointer in Hebrew that points to the direct object of the verb. It is not translated into English. We know from other scripture that Yahshua is the Alef Tav. He is the one given by the Father (Alef) as a covenant (Tav) for the people (Isa. 42:6-7; Isa 49:8).

The 2nd Alef Tav has a "vav" preceding  it. Remember, the "vav' represents the "nail'. This alef tav represents the pierced Messiah that is between "heaven and earth" and joins them together in Gen 1:1. The alef Tav means complete perfection. He created the earth from A to Z (Alef to  Tav)or from beginning to end. YWHW did not create the earth a chaos (Isa 45:18).

The deeper meaning by the Rabbis of the 4th and 6th words ( Alef Tav) is that there would be two comings of the Messiah, one at 4,000 years and the other at 6,000 years from creation. After coming at 4,000 years, he ascended to heaven. We see the word right after the 1st Alef Tav is "heaven." The word after the 2nd Alef Tav is "earth." In the year 6,000 from creation, he will return to the earth. "Earth" is the 7th word in Genesis. The 7th 1,000 year period is the millennium when he will set up his righteous kingdom on the earth ruling upon the throne of David.

The Ancient Hebrew word picture of Alef Tav means "Strong one of the covenant". Yahshua is the mediator of the covenant between YHWH and man. The word for "sign or mark" is the Hebrew word "oth". It is spelled Alef Vav Tav. Notice again, the vav is between the Alef Tav. The Vav represents Yahshua. He is the mediator of the renewed covenant between YHWH and man.

There are 6 Alef's in Gen 1:1 representing the 6 days of creation. There are 7 words signifying that the creation was perfect when it was created.

Next we have HaShamayim, "the heavens. " It may be from the root of Shem - name,breath,wind,character.

And the last word is Ha'arets "the earth" The root of arets is "rats" - Resh Tzaddi which means an ostracon (broken piece of pottery) fragments. The earth may have been made of many pieces of cosmic rock and dust. The Pictographic Hebrew suggests it wasn't created out of nothing, but out of pieces.

Arets is the origin of the word "earth" and backwards you can see how the word Terra originated. It means region, ground, soil.

There is much more in Genesis 1:1, and I left out a lot to conserve space. Not everything above is original with me, but much of it is.

It is raining here, so I need to get off the computer...til next time.

Blessings in the name of YHWH,


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  1. Mishpocha, I came across your page by "accident" trying to find resources to help me understand my friend Maria's teachings on the Two Sticks theory. Thank you for sharing this with your family, and helping further the cause of His Kingdom, and bringing us out of the harlot's traditions! Be blessed in Yahushua!